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Agate Necklace N120 Price newly reduced

$ 45.00
This necklace is made of 3 types of Agate, Carnelian, and gold filled metal.The small round beads in the necklace are Phoenix Agate, The 2 barrel shaped beads are fire Agate, and the pendant bead is called Angel Fire Agate or Crab Agate. There are some Carnelian rondelle beads on...

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Who We Are

Whitecap Creations features the jewelry of the healing artist Allison Twiss-O’Neill. Her jewelry is of many genres and all of a healing nature.  Healing sessions and music lessons are also available. Please use the contact form for inquiries about reiki classes or distant reiki and for voice/singing lessons.

Allison’s creations began as a child, by making Native American style jewelry from seed beads and progressed into the New England tradition of hand etched scrimshaw. Presently she uses a diversity of materials and styles in her designs, and enjoys free form wire wrapping as well as hand painting stone and shell to produce her art. She has crafted jewelry for over 40 years. Read More