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Updates, 9/16/2016 in the throws of Mercury Retrograde! what's in the works....


Hmm, end of summer has been full of the unexpectedly unexpected. Hoping to visit my blog more often! Mercury retrograde has been really difficult with many changes, however I am starting on some new things that have been in the works for a while, before the retrograde came in thankfully. Hoping your retrograde hasn't been as crazy as mine. Please check the blog for the September sale.

   Finally attempting to do some hammered pieces with hopes of getting my torch going. So many ideas , sometimes so little time. I hammered some skinny sterling bracelets so hoping to post them soon.I really need to be making some new earrings, so some of the metal work will be included in the near future hopefully. My daughter has been making chain mail so I will be posting a couple of her  things as well. 

   Haven't got to finishing up my song cycle I've been working on , been so busy with other stuff and people, but somehow the urge to write a book has come over me, I love to write so I started that and have a couple sections done, I can't really call them chapters it's not how I envision it at the moment. I guess my inner child needs to write, so I am letting it do it's thing for the time being.

   Speaking of Mercury retrograde, I took pictures of some bracelets to post, however the bracelets decided to take a trip to another dimension or something. Hopefully they will arrive back here sometime soon....

   Then , I made another batch of bracelets with pearls and gold filled metal so hopefully will get some pictures up of those soon I am hoping to work on it over the weekend. They are pretty classic so you can wear them any time any where.

  Thinking about starting a reiki share group for practitioners and/or a meditation group, anybody interested?  if you are write me an email @ it will be started after the retrograde has passed, just to be safe and avoid purple funk and the like.

 Have a splendifferous weekend! (check your bag so you don't forget anything, and be careful around electrical appliances)




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