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  November Greetings to all,  Presently, we are out of Black Obsidian palm stones but hope to have more in soon,I talked to the mystery Black Obsidian Man and told him what I am looking for, so I will post here when they are in. I have plenty of Black Obsidian beads and you can message me on the contact here if you would like something that is not online here, I can attempt a custom piece with in stock items. I will be posting more jewelry throughout November, hoping to get some mineral specimens online for you sometime this week. I'm still leaving things on sale that are on sale and things in clearance. 

  My featured Tarot reader of the month is CosmicMoonChild Tarot 1111 on youtube, go check out her channel she is awesome. If you'd like a personal reading, I assure you she is worth every penny.I had one and I love love loved it !

   Please watch for my black friday sale here, I will be posting a discount code. Every order that is made will receive a free gift. If you don' t live in the Continental United States you will have to pay postage. I will send you a separate invoice from Paypal for the postage.

  Remember, my friend that helped me set up this site is a hypnotist, named Cliff Aguirre, he also has books he's written that are being sold on Amazon. Check out his books! They are very interesting subjects. His info is in the About Us section of the site here. 

   Thank you to all who have purchased from me. I am truly grateful. I wish you a very happy holiday season. Infinite blessings, Allison

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