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Cleaning vermeil beads

Vermeil is a coating over sterling silver which is usually 10 K gold or above. I do not suggest rubbing the vermeil beads with cloths or wipes but a couple of seconds in a dip cleaner like Connoisseur's jewelry cleaner should do the trick. If the vermeil beads are used with gemstones, it is wise to use a gentle dip as for soft stones like pearls as acid based dips can damage your gemstones. Some people take the bead jewelry apart to clean and reassemble. Sometimes, I use the acid style cleaner with a very fine paintbrush, however with an acid style cleaner one must be very careful not to get it on the gemstone beads. This takes some skill and patience and one should only clean small sections and rinse any acid style cleaners with water thouroughly. The jewelry should be patted dry and also be left to air dry for a while before storing. Vermeil beads are a lovely substitute for solid gold and are not as expensive , but having the look of solid gold makes for wonderful fashionable jewelry. I highly recommend Connoisseur's brand jewelry cleaners.

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