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IN SUPPORT OF CAM (complementary and alternative medicine)

   I recently had a live online discussion about Reiki and Energy healing, I am providing a list of articles that provide medical insight about alternative medicines, some that I was unable to present during the discussion. I do not have the links but they are easily accessible on the internet. Some are research articles. Hopefully,  if you have an interest, these will help you in some way. I have abbreviated the citations a bit but I believe you should be able to find them  Videos of James Ochman found on youtube  are very informative, and I look forward to reading the rest of his works. I'm sure there are many more writings in support of CAM and these seemed the most supportive of the articles I viewed thus far. 

  For the most part, different aspects of Usui Reiki were discussed and I mentioned information Oschman  spoke of in his videos and also the Bengston experiments with mice. 

   Wishing you all Reiki Blessings, Much Love, Allison

  1. Hindaw. The role of Insula-Associated Brain Network in Touch. Pengxu Wei, Ruixue Bao. Accepted 24 June 2013

   2. Hindaw, Evidence- Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Review. Cancer-Related Stress and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Review. Kavita D. Chandwani, et al  Accepted 1 June 2012

  3. Hindaw, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.Comparison of Physical Therapy with Energy Healing for Improving Range of Motion in Subjects with Restricted Shoulder Mobility. Ann Linda Baldwin et al. Accepted 2 October 2013

   4.  Hindaw. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Epigenetic Mechanisms of Integrative Medicine. Riya R. Kanherkar et al. Accepted 15 January 2017

   5. Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary& Alternative Medicine. Reiki is Better than Placebo and has Broad Potential as a Complementary Medicine. David E. McManus Ph.D. Accepted 2017 July 31

  6. Reiki News Magazine, Vol.One, Issue Three, Winter 2002. Science and the Human Energy Field- James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

  7. EQUILIBRIUM Energy + Education. The Science Behind Reiki. Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT 2009

  8. Psi Encyclopedia. William Bengston and Energy Healing. Karen Wherstein, updated 6  April 2019

  9. EDGE SCIENCE. Breakthrough: Clues to Healing with Intention. William F. Bengston Ph.D.

  10. An Extensive Laboratory Study of Pranic Healing Using Contemporary Medical Imaging and Laboratory Methods. Joie P. Jones, Professor of Radiological Sciences. University of California, Irvine Presentation was May 2006


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