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SALE NOW THROUGH JULY 31 EST 20% off Your Entire Order !

From 7/17/2019 until 7/31/2019 take 20 percent off your entire order if you spend 50 dollars or more, please use discount code 20JULY. Sale ends 11:30 pm EST on July 31.No additional charge for postage in the continental United States. If you live in an other area,  please use the contact form with your contact info and the item number of the item(s) you wish to purchase for example N25, and I will get back to you by email, so please leave an email and your mailing address as well. 

Usui Reiki classes are available by appointment online , please use the contact form for your inquiry. You must be able to use skype. 

I use paypal and you do not have to have a paypal account to pay for your items , paypal will accept all major credit cards.

All jewelry and gemstone items will be infused with positive healing reiki energy. 

What is Reiki? Reiki is a method of energetic healing. The practioner uses their hands for hands on healing. The skin or limbs are not manipulated, only the hands are gently put in place and the energy is directed through the hands. Energy can also be beamed by holding the hands and fingers in certain positions, so one does not have to touch a person in order to send healing. At the higher levels of reiki, practitioners can also send what is called distance reiki, which is used when the person who receives the healing energy cannot be in the same place as the practitioner.Special symbols are used to assist healing, as well as ascended masters  for example Jesus or a mentor that has passed to the other side, such as Mr Usui , or Mme Takata. It is the choice of the practitioner. I usually take the energy in through my crown chakra, and allow it to flow through my hands. Others use the 3rd eye chakra.  Sometimes a practitioner's hands can become warm, but sometimes they can also be other temperatures. Distance reiki may be sent in a variety of ways.

Reiki practitioners receive a special attunement for each level from their teacher. There are 3 levels of reiki. The teacher must be a certified Reiki Master. Usui Reiki is not the only type of reiki, there are many different types of reiki that use different symbols and some manipulate the body. I chose to do Usui reiki because one does not manipulate the body, only lay hands in place. I choose to beam energy to a person's private areas so that one feels safe and comfortable. One only has to remove their shoes. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothing. Clothing is not removed for a person to be treated. Distance healing can be dome without a person being in the practitioner's presence or over an online video call like skype. Normally a person lays on a reiki table which is like a massage table if the healing is done in person, however , I have used a reclining chair and couch at times for those who preferred  that method. Often times, a person who is in pain cannot tolerate getting onto a table so I work with them however they prefer to be comfortable. 

Reiki is not a religion and does not utilize religion to give someone a healing session. Reiki means life force energy. If a person is religious I offer to do Christian prayers as well,  I add it to the session. That is the preference of the person receiving a reiki healing session. 

If you are interested in a class please contact me through the contact section of this website. I hope that this blog gives you a good idea of what happens in a reiki session. 

If you have any questions, or wish to schedule voice lessons or reiki, please use the contact section of this website and leave me your email, phone number and address. 

Thank you so very much for visiting my website/store, and thank you so very much for your business. Have a wonderful summer !

             Peace and love to all, Allison



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