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I will infuse physical items purchased with Reiki Healing Energy.


Some people use gemstones in their healing sessions. This will enhance the healing during the session. I will start here to describe clear quartz crystals. Clear quartz is used for healing for all chakras, but especially the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head. This gemstone's nickname is "the Master Crystal" because it amplifies the healing abilities of all the other crystals. Usually I gravitate toward clear crystal gemstones. I like to keep them in the rooms in my house that I most frequent to raise the vibrations of the room. If you hold a crystal or pass your hand over it you may be able to feel the one that you most resonate with ie. gives off the strongest vibrations. Stones that give you that feeling would be the ones to choose to assist in healing or lift vibrations. For me, clear quartz tends to be one of the crystals that vibrate the most. Different stones will vary in vibration. Vibrations through energy are the key to Reiki Healing. Clear Quartz may be placed with other stones in other locations or chakras to enhance the specific healing energies that the stone is used for. There are many books about healing with gemstones and their physical properties which are available at most bookstores or can be ordered through companies like Amazon. You will find Clear quartz crystals for sale here in the ETCETERAS section of our site. 

    The people of the month are musicians which belong to the recently named music group "Ray of Creation ". They have some new music written and on video on their youtube channel which goes by the same name. I particularly like their song "Flouride and Water" which is a heavy rock and roll style and the video is full of esoteric symbolism. They have written and performed songs of various genres. I look forward to hearing the album they are working on when it is published. "Flouride and Water" is truly a song that stays with me and I find myself singing it in my mind often. If you are a fan of the heavy style of rock and roll , I highly suggest this wonderful new song. 

      Enjoy this beautiful month, Thank you so very much for your business !






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