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Want good vibrations? Try some singing lessons!

   I am thinking of the song "Good Vibrations"! Singing is a healing kind of thing, the ancients used techniques of singing vowel sounds to promote well being, and bring oneself into a peaceful state of mind. As well, singing and all types of music lessons utilize all the parts of the brain. I think that is rather amazing. There is no subject other than music that one can learn that can do this wonderful thing.

   When you take voice/singing lessons, you learn proper posture and proper breathing, how to stand when you sing, correct mouth position,  proper intonation for example how to sing with the proper pitch. Singing helps alleviate depression, improves the mood. The whole body vibrates when you sing, it has been my thought that this vibratory happening promotes healing throughout one's body. I teach the mask technique which brings the voice forward and assists with projection. Although this is an Italian Classical technique, one may use it to perform anything really. I teach classical songs as well as other types and styles of singing.

    I am also familiar with vocal therapy techniques, and have worked with many singers, having assisted to even decrease vocal nodules on a rock guitarist's vocal cords.This was done when I taught on the extension division of Boston Conservatory of Music. It was a very interesting bit of work to do much of it had to do with his posture as he also played the guitar while singing.I worked with his voice as he played and sang his songs. At the end of our work together, he presented me with a note from his doctor which confirmed his nodules had decreased and his voice was very clear as opposed to the former rather raspy sound he first produced.

    Classical singing enhances all types of singing, it is the foundation for the healthy voice. Singing for long periods requires both stamina and proper vocal technique. Singing an opera is somewhat like running a marathon. One has to have endurance. I also suggest doing some physical exercise to create balance and assist with endurance. 

  Singing is work but also lots of fun, you do not have to be an opera singer or a rock star to do it ! Why don't you give it a try?

Please email me at if you are interested in studying.

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