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Whitecap Creations News For August 2021-Tools for wire wrapping

  Hi everyone, I hope you have been having a nice summer

Finally, I am back to posting some items here online, it's been a long difficult winter for my family, having lost my sister and brother-in-law, and I thank you all for your kind words , condolences, and lovely gifts of remembrance. As some of you may know, my sister was an excellent artist and craft person. She was educated at Monserrat. As well, she was a fine machinist and musician, very multi talented person. She and her husband are among the stars now, and truly they both were stars here on the planet. 

   Hopefully soon, I will be able to make some tutorials of jewelry making as I have learned over the years. I am waiting to be able to purchase some better equipment  so I can do a more professional job. I have been making some small videos on my phone and such, but with everything one works with in their art , there is always new things to learn.

   Presently , I am posting some of the newer items I have made, and hopefully I will be moving some things onto the clearance section soon. 

   If you are playing with wire wrapping, I suggest you start with inexpensive wire to practice with. For the most part , I use what they call soft or dead soft wire to make my jewelry, it is easier to work with especially to make curves. Wire also comes in half hard and hard types. Usually these are marked this way for sterling silver. Also inexpensive pliers and wire cutters may be good to start with, however they may not do clean cuts on the wire if abused so never cut memory wire with the cutters you use for wire wrapping or you will mess up your cutters. If you find you like to do this, I suggest you purchase a set that is ergonomic. They come in various sizes and brands. I purchased a rather small set to get into tight spaces and such. I use precision pliers made by Lindstrom, a company in Switzerland, and they make the small work much easier and have lasted much longer than cheaper ones if properly cared for. At a minimum you will need a pair of wire cutters, flat pliers, and round nose pliers. I usually only work with those 3 things. Lindstrom flat pliers have rounded edges so one doesn't hack up the metal with rough pliers. I like that so I don't have to switch to other instruments in the middle of wrapping something. I think they are one of the best investments I have made. So if you are serious about investing in some good tools, your pliers and cutters will be the most important ones to invest in.

  There is also something called bail making pliers, and I have used pencils , pens, and knitting needles at times to make bails to put a chain or cord through. Use what you have for now, if you are just starting to play with wire wrapping. If you do not have fancy gemstones, you can use other items such as rocks you find different places or a piece of beach glass, use your imagination. 

Because I use soft wire to wrap at times a finished piece can move a bit sometimes, usually the more you work with the wire, it will harden. Wire that is too hard will not make the beautiful curves you might like and if you over work the wire it could snap. I also prefer to use the soft wire because I have issues with my hands, and it is much easier on one's hands.

Usually the  wire one purchases in the craft store is pretty soft so it's easy to work with. Never try to wire wrap with memory wire that isn't what it is used for.

If you'd like reiki lessons , or distance reiki, please contact me through the contact section on the website I will reply as soon as I am able.

Because of moving my work area several times over the fall and winter, and the passing of family members over the winter, occasionally I may not be able to locate a piece of jewelry that you may have ordered. If that is the case your money  will be refunded or you can choose an alternate piece by contacting me on the contact form  and stating the number of the piece such as N25 for example. I'm hoping to get back to posting things soon and setting up more clearance items. I include a free gift with each order.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  Happy wire wrapping! Allison


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