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SPRING CLEANING ANYBODY? NEW DISCOUNT CODES...... 3/13/2019 through 3/31/2109

The first discount code for March is 50CLEAR which will give you 50 percent off your appointment for auric clearing good through today noon time to March 31. 11:30 pm EST.  What better way to start your spring cleaning than to make sure your aura is clear? Appointments will be on skype and must be made in 2019.Take care of your spiritual self. Please allow at least 2 hours for this appointment. The 2nd discount code is 20VOICE. This is a 20 percent discount on 5 lessons for voice/singing or for voice coaching. yes there is a difference! Voice lessons...

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20% off discount code extended to Feb.28th Person of the month: Cliff Aguirre !!!

for 20% off your entire order please use discount code 20SWEET .   Just add it at checkout time.   good through Feb, 28, 2019 , 11:30 pm EST. Thank you for your business! My favorite person of the month is the multi-talented Cliff Aguirre, who is a music composer, author, hypnotist and hypnotherapist, and helped me with this website. you can schedule appointments for hypnosis  on his site,  His other site deals with his music, His Books may be purchased on Amazon. If you google his name, you will find podcasts and radio shows he has been a guest...

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DISCOUNT CODE for Feb 1 to Feb 14, 2019 CosmicMoonChildTarot 1111 <3 <3 <3

For 20% off your entire order please use discount code 20SWEET Feb 1, 2019 starting 1 am to Feb 14, 2019 11:30 am eastern time .Free shipping for people in Continental USA. Please message if you are not in continental USA in the contact area, I will have to charge postage and/or additional fees. Check out a wonderful card reader, CosmicMoonChild Tarot 1111 on youtube. I highly recommend her, get a reading! She's excellent. Much Love to all, Happy Valentine's Day!

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NEW DISCOUNT CODE FOR 1/15/2019 at noonthirty to 1/31/2109 11:30 Eastern time

NEW DISCOUNT CODE 20SALE through 1/31/2019 see details on the latest blog!

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Cleaning vermeil beads

Vermeil is a coating over sterling silver which is usually 10 K gold or above. I do not suggest rubbing the vermeil beads with cloths or wipes but a couple of seconds in a dip cleaner like Connoisseur's jewelry cleaner should do the trick. If the vermeil beads are used with gemstones, it is wise to use a gentle dip as for soft stones like pearls as acid based dips can damage your gemstones. Some people take the bead jewelry apart to clean and reassemble. Sometimes, I use the acid style cleaner with a very fine paintbrush, however with an...

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