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Want good vibrations? Try some singing lessons!

   I am thinking of the song "Good Vibrations"! Singing is a healing kind of thing, the ancients used techniques of singing vowel sounds to promote well being, and bring oneself into a peaceful state of mind. As well, singing and all types of music lessons utilize all the parts of the brain. I think that is rather amazing. There is no subject other than music that one can learn that can do this wonderful thing.    When you take voice/singing lessons, you learn proper posture and proper breathing, how to stand when you sing, correct mouth position,  proper intonation...

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Updates, 9/16/2016 in the throws of Mercury Retrograde! what's in the works....


Hmm, end of summer has been full of the unexpectedly unexpected. Hoping to visit my blog more often! Mercury retrograde has been really difficult with many changes, however I am starting on some new things that have been in the works for a while, before the retrograde came in thankfully. Hoping your retrograde hasn't been as crazy as mine. Please check the blog for the September sale.    Finally attempting to do some hammered pieces with hopes of getting my torch going. So many ideas , sometimes so little time. I hammered some skinny sterling bracelets so hoping to post...

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If anyone is interested in Reiki Classes and certification, please contact me at  As well, I'd like to start a group class for voice lessons, please contact me by same email address. I have very reasonable rates , class size is limited to 4 people. Please email me and let me know which you are interested in and what your schedule preference is. Thank you.

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Is your leather cord all curled up?

leather cord

If you have a piece of leather cord that is all curled up after being cut from a spool, wet it with some plain water and gently pull it into a straight position and let it air dry.  I do this with the natural color leather cord I use, and it works out just fine.  Have a fantastic weekend, and stay happee..... :)

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Healing stones and beads

Although stones and colors are used for healing purposes, the jewelry in my store here has been cleared of negative energy and the like and is infused with healing energy. It is the main purpose of the jewelry to promote healing  and well being. If you have a specific situation you want healing for and you send me a message , I will further energize your purchase with healing intent and energy that you request at no extra cost. Custom jewelry may be made upon request to assist with specific healing needs.Thank you so much for visiting my web store...

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