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Is your leather cord all curled up?

leather cord

If you have a piece of leather cord that is all curled up after being cut from a spool, wet it with some plain water and gently pull it into a straight position and let it air dry.  I do this with the natural color leather cord I use, and it works out just fine.  Have a fantastic weekend, and stay happee..... :)

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Healing stones and beads

Although stones and colors are used for healing purposes, the jewelry in my store here has been cleared of negative energy and the like and is infused with healing energy. It is the main purpose of the jewelry to promote healing  and well being. If you have a specific situation you want healing for and you send me a message , I will further energize your purchase with healing intent and energy that you request at no extra cost. Custom jewelry may be made upon request to assist with specific healing needs.Thank you so much for visiting my web store...

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What's new? :)

Jewelry is ready to go! and now I am offering healing, intuitive readings. music lessons , doterra essential oils, and more! Feel free to contact me to schedule appointments or if you have any questions. I can do reiki distance healing through skype as well for people who may live far away. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. I will consider doing group voice lessons or performance classes if enough people are interested, I prefer to limit the size of classes to 5 people. please contact me with your name, address, email, and a phone number I can reach...

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Hand Painted Beads

Welcome to Whitecap Creations "Gems of Land and Sea" webstore! I am posting to tell you about my hand painted beads. They are hand painted by me with non toxic paint. The bead is air dried for several days to harden the paint, then heat treated. I like the beads to air dry for at least a week. Heat treating them creates a scratch resistant surface. Hand painted beads should not be exposed to hot water or harsh chemicals. If you need to clean the item, I suggest that you use cold water and very mild detergent. Exposure to hot...

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Welcome to Whitecap Creations "gems of land and sea"  webstore!   I am so excited to be starting to sell my handmade creations online!  If you have any inquiries , please feel free to contact me, Allison Twiss-O'Neill, at  Sales will be available for the continental United States.Shipping and all other fees are included in the price listed for those purchasing in the continental USA.  Thank you so very much for visiting my site and for your business.  :)  "Catch the wave! Buy Whitecap!"

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