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Auric Clearing

The aura is the light body which surrounds the physical body. One can see an aura such as in Kirlian photography of a leaf which can show colored light around the leaf. People also have this special light around their bodies, which needs to be kept clear in order to remain healthy.

The auric clearing process clears discarnate energies, negative thought forms and other attachments off your aura, it also repairs tears and holes. Attachments to the aura can lead to illness, addiction, and can drain one's energy. Auric Healing helps to maintain the health of the spiritual light body.

Initial clearing appointment may take well up to 2 hours, as well as the practitioner must clear themselves before the process of clearing the client. This may be done in person, distantly as in reiki, or can be done in a session using Skype. This process is the cutting edge of quantum spiritual healing.

Allison found auric clearing fascinating and enlightening. She says that is has helped her to grow immensely in her journey to heal others, which Allison considers to be her life purpose. Commands, the assistance of ascended masters, and sacred geometry is used for this type of healing. Allison also includes Christian prayer if you like it to be a part of the clearing process.

Auric Clearing can help with addictive behaviors, inner child issues, and can promote a sense of peace and wellness. Allison recommends it for those who work in hospitals, funeral homes, and other places where there are discarnate energies. Such energies can form attachments to the aura and must be removed. Auric Clearing can also be used to clear negative energies from a person's home , business, or other property.

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