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Agate Necklace N120 Price newly reduced

$ 45.00

This necklace is made of 3 types of Agate, Carnelian, and gold filled metal.The small round beads in the necklace are Phoenix Agate, The 2 barrel shaped beads are fire Agate, and the pendant bead is called Angel Fire Agate or Crab Agate. There are some Carnelian rondelle beads on the earrings and pendant. The gold filled components range fro 10KGF to 14KGF with the exception of the smaller chain on the earrings and  on the pendant piece , which is unknown of gold color. It measures about 16 inches to 19 inches for it has adjustable chain. Orange is the color for the Sacral or 2nd chakra, it is great for inner child healing. N120 Price: $60.00 Now $45.00

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